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The following is a partial list of B&I Tech' customers and partners. We are proud to be affiliated with all of the wonderful businesses we work with.

Biwer & Associates

BIWER designed CPS to manage all procurement related tasks for your business. Whether in a standalone or integrated environment, CPS will bridge the gap left by traditional ERP solutions. Regardless of complexity, CPS has the ability to conform to any payment scenario.

Crossroads Rmc

Crossroads RMC unique advantage is that offer manufacturers the ability to widen your expectations by offering a complete and comprehensive set of products to support the optimization and integration of your shop floor and warehouse with industry-leading ERP solutions. Combining that with the highest reputation of manufacturing, distribution and technology consulting, They emerge as the leading source for MES and Data Collection for leading ERP solutions.

JW Aluminum

JW Aluminum mission is to produce and develop the highest quality aluminum products for our customers always meeting their exact needs and specifications. We are committed to enhancing relationships with our customers and communities through proactive innovation, continuous improvement, employee involvement, process control, environmental responsibility and safety.

GastroCare, P.C.

GastroCare, P.C. physicians and staff are committed to providing compassionate, high quality care to our patients. Continuity of care is an integral part of quality care and is manifested in the ever growing relationship between the patient and their physician. We will remain current in our knowledge of medical science and incorporate new technology into the ongoing care of our patients.

Dr.Sridhar International Dental Hospitals

Dr.Sridhar International Dental Hospitals among the most reputed Dental clinic from India. Their mission is to deliver high quality dental care with emphasis on an integrated, multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to dental problems. They have established a reputation as a center of excellence and learning through Continuing Education